Surgery Pre and Post

Preparing for your surgery

If you have an upcoming skin surgery scheduled, please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions prior to your visit.  Below are answers to common questions that you might have.

Q: Do I have to stop any medications prior to my skin surgery, especially blood thinners?

A: No.  Skin surgery has a low rate of bleeding issues, and these can be handled during the procedure with special techniques, such as cautery.  The risks of stopping blood thinners prior to skin surgery are higher than the risks of staying on these medications during the procedure.

Q: Can I eat before my procedure?

A: Yes.  There is no restriction on food/drink intake, as the procedure is done under local anesthetic.

Q: Can I drive myself home?

A: The short answer is yes.  You should be able to drive home yourself.  There are certain times when you might consider having someone else drive you:
  • If you are having surgery on a part of the body that might impact driving, such as the foot, the hand, or near the eye
  • If you get tend to get lightheaded or anxious

Post Surgery Care

Please read the following care instructions carefully for the best results.