Medical Dermatology

We evaluate and treat all categories of skin disease, from eczema and psoriasis to skin cancer.


Skin Cancer


A suspected skin cancer is generally biopsied in our office during a routine visit.  Treatment is then planned based on the biopsy results and the size and location of the cancer.  Most often, we can completely remove the skin cancer in our office using local anesthesia.  Depending on the situation, we refer patients to Mohs surgeons or plastic surgeons for further treatment.  We do not have space for the equipment required for Mohs surgery and are unable to offer this in our office at the current time.



Eczema is an inflammatory condition impacting quality of life for many people.  We treat eczema using the full range of options, including topical steroids, systemic treatments such as Dupixent, and phototherapy.



We treat psoriasis using topical, systemic, and biologic medications, but due to space constraints, we are unable to offer ultraviolet light treatments in our office.



We treat acne using a variety of topical and systemic treatments, and are registered to prescribe the medication isotretinoin (Accutane).